Residential Roof Inspections

It’s no good just to assume your whole roof needs replaced. That’s an expense that most of us don’t want to make, and it is often not even necessary. Homeowners will find more times than not that their roof only needs a few simple repairs to secure their home from leaks, corrosion, and structural damage. That’s why it takes an intensive and thorough inspection to get to the bottom of your roofing problems!

The Roof Guys understand this and value roof inspections as a critical part of the roof repair and replacement process. We won’t just look for evidence of roof issues from the outside, but also from the inside of your home as well. Our contractors take the time to fully inspect your home for:

  • Hole punctures
  • Ice dams
  • Loose, missing, or buckling shingles
  • Water damage
  • Structural weak points
  • Light coming into the home
  • And More!

Our patented inspection process includes a complete and comprehensive report of your roof’s current condition and the potential issues it may run into in the near future. Our contractors will then show you the final result of the inspection in an easy-to-understand language with photos of the problem spots. We want you to fully understand the condition of your roof so that you can make calculated decisions about what’s necessary for your home.

Of course, our inspection includes a list of service options and estimates that match your particular roofing needs and budget. And if you can’t decide, you can trust our friendly contractors to provide you with their professional opinion on the matter and which services are crucial for your roof at the time of inspection.

When Should You Consider having Your Roof Inspected?

It doesn’t hurt to have your roof inspected every so often. It is especially important if you are planning to buy or sell a home or if you are trying to meet the requirements of your home insurance provider. In most cases, it’s probably best to have your roof inspected after a severe storm or strong winds. However, if you are familiar with Minneapolis weather like us, this would mean an inspection nearly every day of the week in some seasons. Even we understand that that is a bit overkill.

So when do you know when your roof needs an inspection? There are plenty of signs to look for to tip you off that something might be wrong with your roof. A leak or water damage is an obvious one, but it isn’t always that simple. Our roofing experts recommend keeping an eye out for any broken or missing shingles, puncture holes, or damp areas on your roof. It’s also probably a good sign to have your roof inspected if your neighbors all seem to be repairing or replacing their roofs. As much as you might want to believe that your roof was stronger than everyone else’s, chances are it wasn’t.

So feel free to call and set up an appointment today with The Roof Guys for your free inspection and consultation. We’ll give you all the details you need to know, and you can decide whether it’s worth fixing or replacing your roof!



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